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Charles Anthony Donovan, Jr.—known to his many loved ones as "Charlie," "Chaz," or "O'Dell"—passed away on March 26, 2022, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was 28 years old. Charlie left behind an enormous Irish Catholic family with over two dozen aunts and uncles, more than fifty cousins, and five beloved nieces and nephews. It would take many pages to list all the people who loved him, but among them were his parents Margaret and Charles, Sr., his sister Maria and brother-in-law Chris, his sister Bernadette and brother-in-law Matthew, and his brother Dominic and sister-in-law Callie.

Charlie had an unforgettable presence. He was tall and preternaturally strong, but you usually heard him coming even before you saw him. Charlie believed that if something was worth saying, it was worth booming. With his deep voice, Charlie announced his presence by hollering a hello or launching into a story the moment he walked into a room. Charlie was also a man of unshakeable convictions and great passion. Whatever the topic—and there were many he cared about—Charlie brought his idealism and strong sense of justice to the conversation. His unwavering and energetic opinions were fueled by a thoughtful mind, a giant heart, and a seemingly impossible amount of Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

Nothing was more important to Charlie than loyalty. Charlie was loyal to his family, friends, the Ottawa Senators, the L.A. Kings, Ryan Fitzpatrick ("Fitzmagic"), Taco Bell, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Cleveland Browns, his beloved beagle Chewy, and innumerable other teams, causes, and people. Charlie loved an underdog. Each of his seemingly contradictory sports loyalties was based on his affection for a particular player or team he viewed as destined to suffer an injury or loss. It was best when these teams turned into winners, but Charlie's commitment was steadfast either way. For example, he stood in the frigid cold of Cleveland's 0-16 parade to protest a particularly miserable season, happy to share in the collective frustration of a community of beleaguered Browns fans.

Charlie's commitment to the underdog extended to politics, where he advocated for those he felt were the most hopeless. Charlie was a champion of the unborn, prisoners, those suffering from mental illness, and those affected by war and violence. He loved the written word, and often published opinion pieces to share his views. His passion was matched only by his pacifism and his desire to see less pain in the world. Charlie called on all of us to value human life everywhere, and we will always treasure his.

Bernadette Donovan 

Luke Raymond was such a gift to this world and left us far too early at the young age of 30. Luke had so much courage and gifts to offer and was loved by so many. He is forever missed.

Raymond Family  

Michael was a sensitive, caring, compassionate young man. He had a heart for the underdog. He was known for his willingness to help out whenever there was a need. He was loved by his parents, brother, grandparents and friends. We miss him more than can be expressed through words.

Debra Knighton  

I am thrilled and honored to be the speaker for SPARC’s 2019 Walk for Hope. Working to prevent suicide is one of the ways I make sure my daughter Natalie’s 2015 death by suicide did not silence her voice but keeps her and her courage alive today and every day.

Doris Fuller 

Richard was an amazing, smart, talented man who loved his family more than anything. I miss you brother.

Barbara Meadows 

My nephew, Garrett Roby was a loving, funny, young man who loved to hunt, fish, and be outdoors. He was beginning a new journey in his life by enlisting in the United States Airforce when he left us too soon. I think about him every day and will always remember our time together kayaking and hiking.

Kitti Harlowe 

Dallas was a beloved son, brother, father, family member and friend. Dallas will be remembered for his bright smile, easy going personality, caring heart and his love for the football team he was named after, the Cowboys. He was gone too soon and missed greatly.

Laurie Ward 

In honor of Alex Hagen. A young man who will be missed. I am a stranger to his family but I want them to know that Alex was valued.

Elizabeth Scally 

In honor of Alex Hagen

Lisa Loudermilk 

McKellar was my oldest grandchild. He was so amazing, kind, loving, caring, giving artistic, poetic, and musically talented. But he couldn't sing worth a darn! A beautiful gift too all our lives and is sorely missed.

McKellar Cox 

My best friend, Hannah and I had known each other for many years. She was amazing in so many aspects, she was the light of every room she walked into even when she was feeling down. After years of struggling with her health she brought a beautiful little boy into this world, and I so wish they could have known each other. She's in a better place, and I will always tell her son how much everyone loved her mother and how much she wanted him to have a life without such sorrow. He has her smile, charisma, and beauty. He is now the light of the room.

Aurora Rodriguez 

My grandmother, Betty Bayliss, a sweet and caring woman who just wanted to find a sense of peace.

Kim Price 

Jesse was an amazing person who was good at everything he tried -- like massage therapy, deep-sea diving, artistic welding, creative writing, camping, hiking, skiing and he was a fantastic chef. So much talent.

Sharon Sutton 

Robert Campbell was a special young man who ended his life effecting s host of family and friends

Joy Warren 

My Grandfather left us much too soon when my Father was a young man in the Navy. My family refused to talk about his suicide and unfortunately him in general, so I never got to know what kind of person he was. All I knew was that my Uncle found him in his mechanic shop and no one really knew why he made the choice he did. Along with his love of vehicles, my Grandfather also passed on to me a genetic connective tissue disorder. After years of searching for explanations to a variety of symptoms, I was diagnosed a year ago and I have traced it to have most likely come from him. Now, I can better understand where he was at... his struggle with this disorder and the pain. The fact that it affects your joints, but you have no outward obvious signs of illness so people dismiss your pain... the devastation of no longer being able to do the things you love... and for him the things that supported his family.

Kelly Gregory 

Barry was a gentle Bear who was loved by so many. He love baseball, good music and spending time with his friends. He will be greatly missed from this big ol' world. I just wish we had a chance to visit one last time. If only...

Barry Wilson Lambert 

My fiancé committed suicide 3 years ago and I have been trying to figure out the signs I missed ever since. Danny was an amazing, kind, loving, and supportive person. He had struggled on and off with depression his whole life. Although I thought things were getting better and we had set our wedding date and were deep into planning it. He always smiled and he never let anyone know what he was really feeling. He even had me convinced that everything was fine. I never saw it coming and I never got the chance to say goodbye or let him know that I loved him more than anything.

Mary Phelan 

Elisabeth Greenbaum
A dear and beautiful friend

Annette Selinger 

I'm walking for my dear friends Eric Tartler and Bill James.

Eric and I served together at Hope Community Church in King of Prussia, PA. He was a dedicated man of God and loved his family more than anything. Eric always had a smile and "hello" for my children and went out of his way each week to ask me how I was doing. He could be counted on to pull up his sleeves and do whatever needed to be done. Eric was also an incredible cook and generously sent recipes my way. So thankful for his inspirational friendship!

Bill was a very special long-time friend. Over the last thirty-plus years, our lives crossed paths in ways only possible through God's perfect plan . During the last five years, Bill was my number #1 encourager -- always giving feedback and cheering me on to continue writing and recording Christian music. His contagious smile brightened lives and his sweet spirit immediately put others at ease. All who knew him knew that His family was the most important part of his life.

There are wide, gaping holes in the hearts of those Eric and Bill left behind. They are FOREVER loved and NEVER forgotten.

In Memory,
Sue Rowan

Sue Rowan 

My brother, Thomas Clarke

Michele rasmussen 

Laurie Soper - my lovely, gentle older sister

Molly Yates 

The Reverend Larry Lee Hastings was my husband for 34 years. He loved and cared for his family, his friends at his churches, and people of all walks of life, religions, and cultures. We miss him every day.
I walk to help people better understand this devastating illness.


I walk in honor of Andrew's tenacity, and in memory of Brian's giant heart and Eric's smile. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to raise awareness!


My cousin Andrew and I were more like brothers...I am incredibly fortunate to say we still are. It's a special thing and such a blessing when you are able to help increase awareness, knowledge, and research towards helping prevent suicide when you can walk side by side with a loved one who attempted their own life and is still here. I walk in honor of him and all of those who have lost someone to suicide. is a non-profit organization created in the wake of our 28 year old son's death by suicide 6/14/15. Our mission statement is: Lift the Stigma; Erase the Shame; Be Aware; Share Hope; Find Your Purpose; Stop Suicide. 5 people since his death have chosen life over suicide as a result of our testimony. Mitchell appeared perfectly normal all his life, was with us for 19 years, the Marine Corps for 5 years, graduated from UVA with a mechanical engineering degree, married for 2 years, loved his job at GAI Consultants, entertained everyone he knew with a fantastic sense of humor. The shock was massive. Our hearts were shattered. Our lives forever changed. We want to help prevent others from having to go through this earthquake of emotions. #RIPMitchellHash

Mitchell Hash 

My father Brian Huffman was a happy, silly, hard working man who left us a little over a year and a half ago. He was involved in the Louisa community through a variety of organizations including the School Board, FFA Alumni, Louisa County Fair Board, Gordonsville Lions Club, and Backpack Blessings. He truly was a friend to all he met. I am proud to walk in honor of him and know he would be honored to be remembered by so many of his friends, family, co-workers, and strangers at this walk.


My older son, Andrew Mitchell, at the young age of 27 attempted suicide while in the USAF in Feb. '13 by a gunshot to the head. By the grace of God and the best neurosurgeon in Kansas City his life was saved! Not having a clue that Andrew was severely depressed my sister Cailin and I had a great passion to "Pay it Forward" because we felt so blessed Andrew was still alive, and he is happy to be alive! We felt it was important to help educate people about mental health and put on an AFSP walk last year in Andrew's honor and this year we (Cailin, Andrew and myself) are so happy to be part of SPARC. All 3 of us are on a mission to help make a change.

Robin Durkin